Garage Storage Solutions

Garage organization can seem like a daunting task because most things in the garage don’t seem to have a home. The garage can quickly turn into a dumping ground for all the random things a family accumulates if it’s not kept in check. With built-in custom cabinets and storage solutions designed just for you, your garage can transform into a functional space again.

Unique Storage Needs

Every home is different, and that is especially true for our garages. Some clients need space for vehicle storage, while others need ample counter space for a work station. The designers at Closets, Garages and More will work with you every step of the way to ensure you have exactly what you need to utilize your garage to its fullest potential. Your options are almost endless when it comes to customizing your organization system.  No matter your needs, Closets, Garages and more offers:

Garage storage solutions
  • Refrigerator and washer/dryer cut outs
  • Counter space for work station
  • Open and closed shelving
  • Mounted ceiling storage
  • Hanging wall storage

Customize Your Garage Cabinets

There’s a huge difference between garage cabinets and kitchen cabinets. Their purposes are completely different, which is why it is so important to look for the right style cabinet. When designing your custom garage organization system, you want to ensure that all components are sturdy and secure enough to hold everything safely. Whether you’re storing sports equipment, holiday decorations, or lawn care equipment, your cabinets have to be able to handle everything. Closets, Garages and More offers adjustable 1-inch think industrial grade shelves. All materials used are water- and stain-resistant, and your garage cabinets can even be installed in a “floating” configuration above the floor for added protection. We carry garage cabinets that are sure to match whatever style you have. Choose from seven differ thermally fused laminate cabinet colors or choose between two styles of powdered coated cabinets. These are moisture-, stain- and chip-resistant and offer our highest level of durability.

Garage Organization Tips

Although it may not seem possible, garage organization is achievable. Just as you would clean your bedroom closet, start cleaning out your garage now. Determine what actually gets used, and what can be donated or thrown away. Once these are in piles, determine what gets used most frequently. Things like holiday decorations or lawn and garden tools can be put in ceiling-mounted storage, as they are only used seasonally. Other things like home items or tools that are used more frequently can be kept in your garage cabinets for easy access. For tight spaces, above counters or by doorways, consider adding wall-mounted hangers to keep walkways and workspaces clear and clutter free.

As you can see, Closets, Garages and More is your go to solution for garage storage and organization needs in the Northport-area. With a design consultation from our designers you will find a plan to get the most out of your garage. Even with limited space, custom garage cabinets are possible and can benefit your home and keep it clutter free. You can contact us directly from our website for a free in-home consultation.

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