Customize your Closet with Accessories

Some of the most important features your custom closet can have are closet accessories. To maximize the space in your closet, accessories are the best option. Whether you’re trying to showcase your jewelry or keep dirty laundry hidden and out of the way, there are organization options available to fit any space or personal style. Depending on your habits and lifestyle, your closet accessories can be there to help you.

Showcase Your Wardrobe

Your closet is the first thing you look at in the morning, and it’s also where you spend the most time while getting ready for the day. Adding accessories to your reach-in or walk-in closet can help declutter your closet – and your mind – and can even help you get ready faster when you wake up.

The closet accessories offered by Closets, Garages and More are designed to enhance the look of your wardrobe, rather than hiding it on shelves. Our jewelry trays are lined with velveteen, which protect your pieces and help them stand out. Other accessories can help maximize your space, like pull-out pant racks and angled shoe racks. Consider adding the following closet accessories to maximize the ascetics and functionality of your closet:

customize your closet with accessories
  • Jewelry trays lined with luxurious velveteen
  • Pull-out pant racks
  • Angled shoe shelves
  • Sliding scarf, belt & tie racks
  • Sliding wire baskets
  • Slide out swivel mirrors

Organization is Key

Think of closet accessories as your own personal closet organizer. Gone are the days of rummaging through drawers to find that specific dress or digging through piles of shoes to find your favorite pair. Save precious time in the mornings with a closet organization system in place. Closets, Garages and More works with you to determine not only what you need in your closet, but what will work best in your space. We often recommend hidden storage such as sliding wire baskets to keep your items neat and tidy without taking up valuable space. Because they are transparent, you’ll be able to tell what’s in the drawer without even opening it. A built-in closet organizer keeps your closet consistent and simple.

Laundry Solutions

The professionals at Closets, Garages and More know how important it is to stay on top of laundry before it gets out of control. Some of the most popular closet accessories that we install help keep laundry in check.  Tilt-out hampers keep dirty laundry hidden in your closet. This is still easy to access, while keeping dirty clothes off of your floors. We also offer a laundry valet and fold-out ironing board to keep your clothes looking fresh and new with every wear.

Planning the closet of your dreams is only the beginning. Custom closet accessories can help make the space your own. These accessories maximize the space in both reach-in and walk-in closets alike. Your wardrobe will always be showcased beautifully, and your closet will be organized to ensure you’ll always find exactly what you’re looking for. Laundry just got easier with Closets, Garages and More’s accessories and organizational solutions. Contact us today to discuss the various custom closet options for your Tuscaloosa home.

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